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Information Management in Government

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Technology is increasingly being leveraged in the Government sector to make public services immediate, accessible, relevant and efficient. Automating existing functions may offer limited efficiency improvements, but the real challenge for Governments is to use information technology to implement change across the state enterprise, based on a thorough examination of business cases and desired outcomes.

In-depth knowledge of Government environments, policies, operations, processes, requirements, and restrictions makes Myway IT.Inc, the ideal IT solutions provider for the government and public sector. Myway IT.Inc, has a team that is dedicated for federal, state and local Government helping them to connect with citizens and businesses, by applying commercial best practices to drive productivity enhancements, improving service delivery, strengthening IT infrastructure, and improving quality and reduce costs.

The team focuses on areas of e-governance, outsourcing, information security, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and IT workforce shortage. Multi-disciplinary capabilities allow us to conceive, develop, and deliver e-government applications and integrated systems in a comprehensive and reliable manner, enabling convenient, efficient, transparent and inexpensive interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and inter-agency relationships (G2G).






The steps of this development process:
# Building system architecture
# Building technical architecture
# Defining database abstraction layer
# Building distributed business components
# Building thin client interface

MyWay IT also provides the following services:
# Enterprise Architecture
# Application Development
# Systems Integration

Products in Development:
# Reinsurance Package

  1. MyWay IT Web Services – Framework (MWS)
6. MCS
7. MCITKit
8. MyWay IT Data Analysis for our Indian operations.   
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