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Life Sciences
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Healthcare executives are continuously making strategic and operational decisions to out-perform their competition. These decisions must be balanced with overall corporate strategy and sustain accountability throughout the organization. We at Myway IT.Inc, utilize our technological capabilities and latest industry best practices to supply Life Sciences management with the information necessary to improve operational efficiencies. This helps maximize the profits while maintaining excellent patient care and meeting regulatory requirements.

Myway IT.Inc, addresses Life Sciences industries key business challenges in creating competitive advantage in executing sales and marketing activities with a customer (patient) perspective by:

  • Managing, streamlining and integrating the manufacturing and supply chain business processes within the organization and with the enterprise's supply chain partners

  • Reducing the cycle time of clinical trials processes

  • Responding to a host of new regulatory requirements designed to improve product quality, reduce medical errors, and ensure the integrity of financial control and reporting

  • Developing an information management strategy to deal with the influx of new scientific information created during drug discovery

  • Establishing a collaborative work environment encompassing internal and external knowledge workers.






The steps of this development process:
# Building system architecture
# Building technical architecture
# Defining database abstraction layer
# Building distributed business components
# Building thin client interface

MyWay IT also provides the following services:
# Enterprise Architecture
# Application Development
# Systems Integration

Products in Development:
# Reinsurance Package

  1. MyWay IT Web Services – Framework (MWS)
6. MCS
7. MCITKit
8. MyWay IT Data Analysis for our Indian operations.   
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